Bigbahn GmbH

Bigbahn GmbH is a world-leading intelligent manufacturing enterprise of wood products and panels serving the field of European RV furniture and decoration materials. The company is located in Würzburg, Germany. It not only has a professional R&D management team, but also established a complete ISO 9001 quality management system and after-sales service system.


Bigbahn's carefully designed substrates are originally produced by sustainable management of plantations. The products are easy to handle, cut and convert. They are characterized by low density, light weight, health and environmental protection. The surface decoration materials adopt the world's leading brands, and adhere to the concept of green and environmental protection and sustainable development; We are good at providing solutions to customers to meet the differentiated needs of different users around the world and the pursuit of rapid innovation, flexible customization capabilities and efficient R&D capabilities, ensuring that we have won the trust and cooperation of global customers.

Finally, there would not be consistency with our corporate values without an ongoing commitment to promoting sustainable materials with less environmental impact, because our passion for work cannot be separated from the love for the environment in which we live. The most important thing is to ensure that there are sustainable forest sources here for our children and grandchildren.