International Environmental exhibition, New Delhi, India

It is a B2B business platform for India's environmental technology equipment

Wee is a B2B business platform, looking for new global business opportunities for domestic and foreign environmental technology and equipment manufacturers. This event is a great opportunity to connect with the industry.

Strong professionalism: the main purpose of wee 2019 is to improve environmental awareness, utilize environmental protection technology, develop new environmental protection technology, and provide business opportunities for environmental protection technology and equipment manufacturers. The event will promote and develop new adaptation strategies to save endangered species, ecosystems and prevent global warming in all possible ways.

Good platform: as a platform in 2019, wee will provide an excellent opportunity for domestic and foreign participants to demonstrate technologies in the fields of environmental protection technology, renewable energy, waste management, sustainable construction, water management development and energy efficiency. Exhibitors can demonstrate their innovation and technology to potential partners and policy makers, and be able to establish contacts and networks with other entrepreneurs.

Strong hosting capacity: ies is a well established exhibition organization company in India, which has been participating in various promotional activities in the past few years, such as exhibitions, seminars and conferences, corporate events, roadshows, buyer seller meetings. As ies has the expertise to organize exhibitions and conferences, the green India Association has appointed ies as a co organizer to manage, implement and organize the world environmental exposition and the world environmental protection Conference for the whole event.